When you’re thinking about a holiday here at our Dolomit Family Hotels, you should only be thinking about clear blue skies with no more than two or three soft, fluffy clouds – exactly as a child would draw them. And to make sure the picture stays just like that, we put our heads together with Pino and came up with a few ideas to make sure that your holiday – and the run-up to it – is safe, untroubled and carefree. Look forward to it – we are!


Safety first!
The safety of our Dolomit Family families – that means you and our staff – is our absolute priority. We therefore ask that you give other guests all the space that they want. Face masks are a must in all public areas, but you know that anyway because you’ll be doing the same thing at home. With a united sense of solidarity, we’ll be able to create the feel-good atmosphere that you need for a leisurely holiday!


Cleanliness has always been of fundamental importance to us too, we’re just a little more pernickety than we used to be, and clean and disinfect all the main surfaces several times a day. Naturally, your room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival: We want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can!


Happy relax!
Our pools, our sauna and our spa area are freely accessible and, of course, regularly disinfected. Please adhere to social distancing regulations in these areas.


Hands out!
Hand sanitiser dispensers are dispersed throughout the hotel and are delighted to be used regularly, especially at the buffet area in the dining room!


Eating with a mask on is pretty much impossible, and it goes without saying that mandatory mask-wearing doesn’t extend to the dinner table. However, don’t forget to bring it to the dining room as you’ll need it when you go to the buffet!
If you’d like to keep your distance a bit more, we will be happy to provide you with an alternative.


Plenty of room for happiness!
Holidays are always nice, and here in the vast Antholz Valley they are even more special: Nature as far as your eye can see, and so much space to unwind. Social distancing has never been so easy, and relaxing is even easier! To provide you with even more outdoor variety we have consulted with Pino the Bear, our expert in these matters, and come up with a mega-activity programme for the whole family.
Look forward to it – it’s going to be fun!


Travelling to Italy from abroad
Before travelling, a negative rapid test is mandatory. A nasal swab antigen test will suffice, and must be taken no more than 72 hours before check in. If you can provide written confirmation of vaccination or Covid recovery (not older than 6 months), the negative test will not be required.
Remember the three vacation rules: Tested, vaccinated or recovered


Interim tests
If you want to go out and about while you’re here, e.g. to a restaurant or a museum, you may have to show a negative test in some places – only, of course, if you are not fully vaccinated or have already recovered. You can get free, easy-access interim tests here at all times at the test centre at the train station in the neighbouring village of Olang or, also free of charge, at the village chemist, just a stone’s throw from the hotel. But be careful: Pino doesn’t like it when people throw stones.


You don’t have to quarantine when you get here, so your holidays will be even nicer! However, please contact the health services in your country before you set off to find out about travel regulations; they change from country to country and region to region and, as such, we cannot provide you with any definite information here. Thank you for understanding.
Take a look at the following website for further information and answers to any questions you may have:


Our happy-cancellation guarantee
To make sure that the run-up to your holiday is filled with nothing other than the joy of anticipation, we always recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance policy. If you can’t travel for any corona-related reasons, either because you are ill, in quarantine or in lockdown, or even because you have a vaccination appointment, you can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before your departure. Happy cancellations, happy holidays!


Wow, not bad!
You always amaze us! It’s incredible how thick and fast the request and bookings are pouring into our reception. Secure your slice of family holiday in South Tyrol as soon as possible: As you know, our happy cancellation guarantee allows you to cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before your departure, so you can book right this very minute in complete peace of mind: There’s a clear blue sky with two or three, soft, fluffy clouds waiting for you!

Plan your South Tyrol vacation now!