Adventure and relaxation for all the family at the Dolomit Family Hotels – great outdoors included.

Please “bear” with us.

There are two things our mascot Pino loves: playing and children. And most of all playing with children.
That is why this cuddly brown bear keeps coming to visit us at the Dolomit Family Hotels to make sure that everything is in order. Sometimes he even shows up at breakfast to pinch some honey, the cheeky fellow!

His very own Pino-Land has countless opportunities to play and there he is, checking whether everyone is playing and enjoying themselves. There are handicrafts, painting and singing to be done. But, most of all, he likes to make children laugh and play games with them.

After a long and busy day he retires to his cave in the green forest, where he will happily snore until he gets hungry – hungry for the honey that he can sneak off with at breakfast.

Our bear knows what’s what.

Pino has lots of tips and suggestions for exciting family outings. He also organises all the various club activities for children and teenagers – something he is really good at

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