It’s not so easy to find a hotel offering childcare in the Puster Valley. It’s lucky you found us!

Mum, I baked you some bread.

Yes, Mum will be amazed when she hears that.

Our Miniclub offers plenty by way of handicrafts, painting and playing. Children from 3–5 years are in good hands here and can sometimes even bake bread and flower muffins with our professional carers.

Extending over two storeys, our Pino-Land play area has everything that kids could want. This is where the wackiest of ghosts are made, the best stories with lots of hand puppets are told and even delicious chocolate treats created. But that’s not all – the spacious green area around the Dolomit Family Hotels conceals lots of secret places and wonderful adventures. Whether you are playing hide-and-seek, a game of catch or enjoying a snowball fight – there is enough space for everyone in the pure forest air of the Puster Valley!

The play area is open daily from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, after which the sandman calls everyone to a well-deserved nights’ sleep before it starts all over again tomorrow.

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