During the day the whole of the Puster Valley is waiting to be discovered with the family: at night all can rest their tired muscles at our hikers’ hotel.

A-roving we will go...

Hiking in and around the mountains of the Puster Valley is a pleasure that all our guests can enjoy. So, pull on your hiking socks and put your boots on your feet: the beautiful scenery is sure to tempt you outdoors. Not for nothing are the giant grey mountains a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And, once you are looking down from the summit, all your troubles are forgotten. Yes, even your aching calf muscles.
And on the way down you can reward yourself with a delicious portion of Kaiserschmarrn – pancakes – at a traditional Alpine hut.

The dreamlike landscapes here are an invitation to hike and to walk, to stroll and to saunter. There are challenging hiking tours as well as easy routes that are suitable for the whole family. You will soon see that the finest places are to be discovered on foot, with your hiking socks and boots on. And, if the hike is a bit longer and those little legs no longer want to walk, don’t worry! There’s always room on Daddy’s back. He can do it.

Afterwards, as a reward, he can have a relaxing massage. And Mum too!

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