Our children’s and family hotel in the Dolomites offers mountains of adventure for you, me and all the family.

They always repeat everything after me.

Yes, our grey and stony Dolomites like to do that when you’re standing on a summit and simply want to shout for joy: then the mountains will happily call back. Loud and clear.

Our majestic Dolomites represent a mountain range that is unique in the Alps. Anyone who has seen and admired them will know why they were in 2009 designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.
The Dolomitenblick round tour runs via Niederrasen, starting directly at our hotel and letting you admire these rugged giants from down below while you are walking and hiking.

And, if you want to climb them, go right ahead – they won’t mind. But at the top they might repeat everything back at you. The Dolomites like to tease, and they don’t always know when to stop. So, if instead you speak relatively quietly, you can also appreciate a fantastic feeling of tranquillity with magnificent views that will put everything else in the shade!

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