Whether classic or skating style, the Puster Valley is ideal for cross-country skiing.

The neighbours will be amazed.

You can practise cross-country skiing just as you want, gliding elegantly over the glittering snow or skating through white-covered winter forests. It’s entirely up to you.

However, if we could give you a tiny tip: cross-country skiing over the frozen waters of Lake Antholz is a unique experience that really should not be missed. So get your skis on and off you go! But, before you do, please first get off the free ski bus that will take you directly to the lake.

White snow, beautiful mountain scenery and gliding across a lake – on skis. Isn’t that such anexciting prospect? We certainly think so.
It may well be, however, that no one will believe you: “Hmm, on a lake… with cross-country skis… sure you did”.
So please take lots of photos as proof, for your curious neighbours back home, or for Instagram. As you like.

And, after the photo shoot, we head for the famous South Tyrol Arena, home of the Biathlon World Cup every year, and host to the 2020 World Championships and the 2026 Olympic Games! Here, along with the rest of the family, you can fire away at the little black targets just like the real biathletes – under professional supervision, of course. But be careful to shoot straight or you’ll have to do a penalty lap!

Those who enjoy more leisurely cross-country skiing will appreciate the Valley Trail, several flat kilometres that are also perfect for beginners. You can practically put on your skis in bed in the morning as the trail leads almost directly past the Dolomit Family Hotels. So, if you are looking for a hotel with cross-country skiing, you’ve come to the right place!

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