Great hospitality and fabulous cuisine at our family-friendly hotels in the Puster Valley.

Family adventures, here we come!

Dad has suddenly become a valiant knight who will protect the noble Neurasen Castle from nasty trolls. Mum, secretly a super spy, safely brings an invisible case full of jewels down to the valley on her toboggan. Big brother can fearlessly chase away giant dragons all by himself: and his little sister is a royal princess, the only one who knows the way.

The Dolomit Family Hotels offer holidays with lots of exciting family adventures. There is so much to do, so let’s go! Your very own personal family adventure is ready and waiting and we are looking forward to it!

Mountainbike & Bike

Can you cycle back to another time?
Yes, on our bikes it’s possible, so don’t pedal too quickly – unless you want to go back to the age of the dinosaurs as a hunter-gatherer…


But if you want to be a real hunter, you will surely know how to hunt with a bow and arrow. No? Then you’d better learn quick!

Ski & Snowboard

If you’ve accidentally cycled down a snowy mountain, might we suggest you try skiing or snowboarding instead?

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