Our Dolomit Family Hotels will delight adults and children alike with breathtaking views of the Dolomites.

Far from the madding crowd (now the party is over…)

The Antholz Valley offers beautiful natural surroundings wherever you look: fragrant green spruce forests, colourful Alpine meadows with all sorts of wildflowers, and winters that freeze everything into glittering, white sculptures. Elsa the Ice Queen could hardly have created anything more beautiful…

But, although peace and quiet are everywhere to be found here, there are always things going on too. We celebrate our culture and traditions with all our heart, all year round. And all guests and visitors are of course always welcome to join in with us. Have you ever been to a polenta and mushroom festival, or seen the cattle being driven down from the pastures? Or did one of the Krampuses startle you at a procession? And what about a festival with lots of music and Strauben, freshly made sweet fritters?

You are more than welcome to come and have fun with us. And, once you get tired late in the evening, head off to your spacious family suite in the Dolomit Family Hotels to sleep, mumble and dream. Here the party guests are usually the last to say good night. And the last one turns off the light.

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