Families with children and teenagers can really let off steam here, all while admiring the unique Dolomite mountains.

Rock Stars and Fisher Kings.

Our Maxiclub for young people (6–16 years) offers something for everyone with non-stop action and fun. Some activities require creativity, others a little bit of skill and, for others still, youngsters will need an appreciation of nature and perhaps a touch of courage – and sometimes even a dry towel as you can get pretty wet rafting, for example.

Fishing is a quieter business altogether. And make-up is a must for the girls. There are plenty of joint adventures, with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, action and sports to set any teenager’s pulse racing. And all without the parents. Promise!

There are games, sport and time out from the parents every day from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.

What can be done with the parents in the meantime?

We have reserved a very special place for the adults: it’s quite warm and will sometimes even make a hissing noise. So what could it be?

Night hike

One of the finest of all experiences is an eerily beautiful night hike. Take a walk under the sparkling starry skies of Rasen-Antholz, and maybe even see a shooting star. Make a wish, but don’t tell anyone!

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